Sunday, 11 August 2013

Aberoth adverts

(Using stuff from Nintendo Power, and Saywhoo)

Monday, 5 August 2013


He was able to achieve this by inviting a lot of players and having them summon bats. It lagged the other vaults, but it was gone when I logged on the next day, so they must get removed somehow.

Cool designs from Squidbit

Scrooge McJogass

Jogass is the infamous server-crasher from a few months back, here he continues his tomfoolery:

Fortunately you don't drown in items like going underwater.

Barely escaped with my life

You could tell things were about to turn sour any moment:

A tip from Yunlong

If you have a long enough weapon and position yourself sideways against a satyr, you can just about avoid his headbutt attack:

Congratulations to Bassfish

For being the first fan to climb on top of my duel arena.

The mysterious desert tomb

Many of the very high levels now hide away here during peak hours. It contains the boss Skalgor and his army of skeletons. Training here effectively requires a good mace skill and a Morning Star, otherwise you will hit a lot of (1)'s.

Skalgor is described as hitting as hard as the Grand Shaman, while running faster than the player! So he requires a team to kill. He also has so many adds that it pays to camp the room rather than face his entire army at once.

The loot is a selection of high level scrolls and potions, including things like cure pots and scrolls of drain life. Bones from Skalgor and his minions can be used to craft some extremely high level shields, depending on what gems you combine the bones with.

Vault of Pwnage