Thursday, 13 November 2014

The Werewolf

It was evening and (according to Lysis) the moon was "nearly full". So I asked some high levels in the bar if they wanted to kill the werewolf.

Apparently it is a good idea not to talk about it too loudly, since any random noob might follow and attempt to steal the loot. They also recommended bringing fatigues, which make it easy to get away until the werewolf switches target.

In fact, theives are such a potential problem that many of the high levels carry scrolls like fear, blind, and silence. The general rule at the moment is that if you wear a spiked helmet and morning star, then you get to join in and roll for the loot. Everyone else is considered "unwanted". We left town with a few unwanteds following:

Many got chased away. Though it is not really possible to properly police the area, as it is a well-known event and there are many odd characters who show up.

Greg (who was busy camping the WW spawn) helped out with "noob clean up". While some of them were hidden in the trees.

The werewolf eventually appeared, and even with a small army of people, one can see him rip people to shreds:

A pelt did drop. The loot system involved standing in a line and flipping, everyone who got "heads" would move forward and reflip. The last two left would call heads or tails as normal.

Swordsman won it and got to make a backpack, very impressive.

Overall I think the rarity and power of the werewolf adds a lot of flavor to the game. I suspect rare spawns in this game will often involve regular massacres of low or mid-levels attempting to interfere, but that the possibility of them interfering adds to the fun of the event. However the forest is very large, so it might be too easy to steal a drop and then teleport away.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

New trick

Killbees showed me how he is able to pull out Shamans from the Grand Shaman's chamber, without having to use an invisibility potion. He does it by making a trail of coins on the ground for them to pick up.

It is a very useful trick, but one would need to watch out in case a random person ran in while the coins are being planted.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dangerous dudes in town

One guy is so dangerous that he will ddos reddit to get your ip, and use that to link your identity with previously-unpopular players:

Another player I had never met was convinced that I was making public threats to kill him:

But at least you can always count on hearing the latest development rumours:

Garp gets killed

Alt party

Shaunxd and his friend Jogass had a massive "alt party", which caused all the vaults to slow down to a crawl. He must have used bots and multiple VPNs.

It is a crazy vault even without the alts:


Pencilpete is known by several people for following them (armed with a knife and leather boots) to bosses like Forstyll and Grand Shaman, which kill him in one hit. He requested a polymorph potion in jail, probably because there is a tiny chance of turning into a bee and escaping through the bars:

We can even shoot fireballs and summon creatures through them:

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Random pictures

Tod's skeleton

Tod was building a skeleton, but he had not decided how to do the skull:

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Minotaur's lair

The concealment scroll

The concealment scroll is some very cool magic. It allows one person to turn a whole team invisible. This allows them to kill grouped mobs one at a time, such as in Skaldor's lair.  It even has theoretical playerkilling uses, since a team of assassins could surround someone and backstab them to death.

Killing Skaldor with concealment requires some discipline, since people have to attack one target at a time and avoid accidentally hitting others, especially when the skeletons see gold or weapons on the ground and rush to pick them up.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Interview with Junglist

Junglist is one of the game's longest playing players, and easily the oldest of the top ten. Many noobs recognize him from the youtube video of Akrabu being killed. Along with being a powerful player he has been in many wars, and still is at war with many players; he is someone with courage to play at high stakes, and this gives him a dangerous reputation.

The legendary Junglist in town

Should noobs fear you?
No I help the noobs
So you never kill them?
Well I went on a purge day once. 
I've heard rumors about purge days, I don't think you're the only one whose done it.
Nice to know
High percentages can overwhelm the malt and hops
5.7 seems high for a pale ale
*Laugh*, it does seem high. I like IPA at 4.2%
Who are you at war with?
Well I'm currently being hunted by Jabok, Milk, and half of Logos, and Pie, etc.
You old-timers have always seemed near-invincible to me, but it sounds like you are facing a great threat.
Well it's hard to fight when your blind.
I suppose these new magics are making things really dangerous, blind and fear and silence for instance.
Not so much dangerous as ******* expensive. Fear silence blind will cost me 40k... I only have 30k in my bank. Fighting is pricy.
And what do you think about that, is it making war too much about wealth?
Well if I got experience from rapidly firing these scrolls, it wouldn't bother me... I have a question for you
Why not?
Why do you seem to avoid conflict at all costs?
Well I'm like a reporter, so if I stay neutral I can speak to all the sides and post it on my blog.
But if you don't get involved how can you interact?
That's a good point, It probably causes me to miss out on content. That's why I'm glad blogs like Team Rocket exist who show the PvP side of the game. Final question, what scroll would you design?
A find alts scroll
Very innovative. Thank you for the interview. I would upload it straight away, but I have important things to do first like reading poems and watching Downton Abbey
Downton Abbey, really?
You English?
Oh, fair enough.


Some young people might read this so I do not want to influence anyone down the wrong path. So a warning:  Downton Abbey is pretty lame. Mandatory shows to view should be Firefly, The IT Crowd, and Red Dwarf. Farscape is an optional bonus.

Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and The Wire are also good if you are old enough.

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Skeleton rattle

I saw a "rattle rattle" sound from a skeleton, which I think means that they are carrying an item. Today a rattling one dropped two health potions and someone's forest ring.

Grumtuk was offline at the time. Since the desert is so vast, and has roaming monsters who can pick things up, recovering items must be very difficult. Maybe he gave up looking for it. But I think that extra challenge adds to it's atmosphere.

Wizard the pro

One of the game's most powerful players let me borrow his bone shield:

I did not dare attack anything since it not the sort of thing one wants flying out of his hand, but you can see how cool it looks.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Interview with Jogass

Jogass rose to infamy a long time ago by using a macro to crash the server, annoying all the high levels and being hunted by everyone. Occasionally he pops up on secret alts and annoys people further. Recently I gave him some money for an interview.

You keep popping up and asking me for money, why don't you go legit like everyone else?
It's too hard.

What is your goal in this game?
Kill theguy, and chris

Who inspires you?
 You, and not scumbag or Donte

What are your favorite games?
Medieval arena 3d

Why did you crash the server?
But you had an ethical choice
Yeah but I never expected to play this game cause my pc was dead on my sisters laptop and could barely run league of legends at 10 fps

What should be the new area?
I think swamp zone is a good idea [Swamp zone is a rumor that's been going around for a while]

What would you make if you could build MMO's like Simple?
I'd copycat Aberoth, remove all mob, make level 5 max, and hatchet and leather cap only, and everyone always unfriendly, no infamy cap.

Jogass has an interesting perspective, since there are often players running around with hatchets attacking eachother instead of investing in their character, but it reminds us that people enjoy the game in their own ways.

The cage

The cage is the latest membership item, it stores animals. Hate helped me collect some rabbits and bees (he's the oldest player in the game, used to rule the land but now he gets killed all the time).

I tried trapping them on the roof, but I forgot rabbits can jump:

I suppose there is some theoretical gameplay use, since bees might absorb blows from monsters or even players. But it is mainly fun to release animals in obscure places. If the game has distant exotic lands someday then the cage could be used to bring back rare animals. I put some bees in Gurun's shop which might have surprised people:

The years of playing have paid off

Clever thinking

Monday, 10 March 2014

MC Sector

Currently the rap battle champion:

Wednesday, 26 February 2014