Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Interview with Jogass

Jogass rose to infamy a long time ago by using a macro to crash the server, annoying all the high levels and being hunted by everyone. Occasionally he pops up on secret alts and annoys people further. Recently I gave him some money for an interview.

You keep popping up and asking me for money, why don't you go legit like everyone else?
It's too hard.

What is your goal in this game?
Kill theguy, and chris

Who inspires you?
 You, and not scumbag or Donte

What are your favorite games?
Medieval arena 3d

Why did you crash the server?
But you had an ethical choice
Yeah but I never expected to play this game cause my pc was dead on my sisters laptop and could barely run league of legends at 10 fps

What should be the new area?
I think swamp zone is a good idea [Swamp zone is a rumor that's been going around for a while]

What would you make if you could build MMO's like Simple?
I'd copycat Aberoth, remove all mob, make level 5 max, and hatchet and leather cap only, and everyone always unfriendly, no infamy cap.

Jogass has an interesting perspective, since there are often players running around with hatchets attacking eachother instead of investing in their character, but it reminds us that people enjoy the game in their own ways.

The cage

The cage is the latest membership item, it stores animals. Hate helped me collect some rabbits and bees (he's the oldest player in the game, used to rule the land but now he gets killed all the time).

I tried trapping them on the roof, but I forgot rabbits can jump:

I suppose there is some theoretical gameplay use, since bees might absorb blows from monsters or even players. But it is mainly fun to release animals in obscure places. If the game has distant exotic lands someday then the cage could be used to bring back rare animals. I put some bees in Gurun's shop which might have surprised people:

The years of playing have paid off

Clever thinking