Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Spooky mysteries of Aberoth

Elcochador is constructing undead golems, which might already be walking among us.

Also, the bottom of the world, also known as the "void", apparently now contains a giant endless lake of a darkness.

Was Gomald sent there by a bug, or an unknown force?...

Shaunxd's vault

This is absolute madness, must be the best in the game.

Christmas day

It's that magic day of the year where we forsake our families to spend entertaining hours trying to block a virtual door with virtual snow. Now with santa hats.


Quakestar is running the most powerful active guild in the game. People accuse him of all sorts of things, from murder to theif, along with being a "steam nub". There are rumors that he meddles in an evil and ancient magic.

Here is his vault, with the trophy room at the back,

And when I invited him, he killed the other guest!

Watch out for Quakestar!

Blue hat added

The blue hat gives 10% casting chance.

Combined with obsidian the game is starting to allow a "squishy wizard" playstyle, which could be fun, as the new group tactics at Skaldor allow for a good degree of control over who is getting attacked (post about that coming up).

Some people appreciate secret updates, whiles other are afraid of missing something.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Snowman competiton

Style: +10
Creativity: +5
Size: -10

Nilloc ("Snowzilla"):

Style: +1
Creativity: +10
Size: +15
Bonus 10 for good use of 3d depth


Style: +10
Creativity: +5
Size: +10
Bonuses: On roof (+5), Year old photo (-5)


Style: +20
Creativity: +20
Size: +10
Bonuses: Merry tune (+10), Flat (-50)


Creativity: -5
Size: -10

Style: -5
Creativity:+ 5
Size: +5

Total scores:
First place Nilloc with 36 (Wins minotaur axe)
Second place Imserious with 25 (Wins thin spellbook)
Third place Abbas with 10
Forth tied Poche with 5 and Obesepig 5 and -10

Thanks all for entering. And thank you for Zeman who donated the spellbook.

The making of Nilloc Jr

Legendary snowman

While I am not going to enter my own competition, the greatest snowman has been built by me and Nilloc.

My design was inspired by Freezy peaks in Banjo Kazooie. So let us take a few seconds this year to remember the great game devs of our past. Rest in piece Rareware Westwood Lucasarts, and all the others!