Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Master Thief tactics

The MT can be prevented from stealing extra-life by leaving them in a pile and blocking the passage. Another trick people use is to pull him to the entrance and leave potions outside the labyrinth.

Also, I heard he can now drop "Boots of agility" which grant a 10% dodge chance to the wearer.

Polymorph: Blue bee

Turning into a Blue Bee or Pink Rabbit can be a fun way to mess with other players:

As a bee, it's also possible to hide underneath the tables in Tavelor's bar.

Polymorph: Minotaur

The Minotaur is the jackpot of drinking a polymorph potion. His headbutt attack combined with his axe skills easily produce the highest damage output in the game. His two practical uses are:

PvE: Combined with some larges axes, a belt, amulet and rings, he is able to solo both the Labyrinth Minotaur and Master Theif without needing other potions.

PvP: His attack damage makes him extremely deadly, and some players when at war will buy multiple polymorph potion to try and get the extra advantage from being a Minotaur or Elder Satyr in a fight. He should be able to beat anyone one-on-one unless the opponent has several bags of extra-life potions.

Other notes:

  • His vocabulary is limited to mooing.
  • He has extremely slow health recovery, especially since he can't drink health potions. If a Minotaur decided to terrorize the town, he could probably be defeated by hit-and-run tactics.
  • He can be healed by healing scrolls.
  • He will knock over structures made from items. So be very careful if you have built anything in your vault.
  • There was a minor scandal recently when a bystander in a war was killed as a Minotaur, because other players thought he was someone else. So if there is a conflict happening you might want to careful not to give the wrong impression to high-level players.

Saturday, 21 July 2012


A day and night cycle was recently added, with 1 hour in-game taking 6 minutes real-time. The speeded cycle has the advantage of not needing to split players up who play in different parts of the world. It also means nighttime content can be added without requiring players to stay up late to see it.

The forest at night looks rather eerie, especially other players.

Simple (the game creator) mentioned the idea of developing gameplay with things like torches and different monsters at night. The mounted torches inside the cave and the glowing embers of the orc campfires already light up nearby objects, but he said that moving light sources take longer to program.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Dueling was recently added to the game and is surprisingly fun for such a simple feature.

A basic strategy is to keep running at eachother, which prevents someone moving in and out to avoid attacks. It results in something akin to jousting.

I still need to see what a duel looks like with a left-hander, in which it would be in the interest of both players to constantly move sidewards.

Since a duel ends when a player reaches 1hp, any random spectator could possibly turn unfriendly when the duel has finished and attempt to kill him. This means it's a good idea to run and forfeit the duel before getting too damaged. It also leads to an interesting extra factor in a duel: how daring the players are, or whether the prestige of winning a duel is worth the risk that comes from running away too late.