Sunday, 19 December 2010

To boldly go...

A server restart caused the gold to disappear! It turns out that only items are saved. So I started climbing again.
This is the place I tried building a huge stairway. But I decided to move it, as it was too easily picked apart by rogues. The 'super ladder' design is broken fairly easily.
So I went back to the original place.

(This next part is sufficiently awesome to warrant multiple screenshots.)

It turns out there's a sort of 'ledge' in the void. If you go too far in, you fall through the world and have to respawn.Though thankfully you no longer lose gold or items from doing that.

I did get stuck a few times. It seems possible, though, to run a short distance across the canopy before falling in.

Me (and whoever the newbie is) were able to get behind the invisible wall on the roof, by following the 'ledge' in the void.

Ha! Consider this the new gift for explorers. Maybe someone will replace it with their own name. The stairway-to-heaven is still there, so you'd only need to reach the roof. Unless a new update changes stuff. Or if someone destroys it, In which case a long line of items will lie through the forest. 

Finally, it turns out to be quite possible to walk across people's head. And even 'shuffle along' like some kind of pixel-style piggyback ride. I can imagine crossing a chasm or fording a river with things like this, the possibilities are very fun to think about.

Leather gloves

I (luckily, according to bastard) found two brown pixels on the floor of Darklow's shop, which turned out to be a leather glove. Two can be worn, and they give one armour point each.

Darklow apparently makes one if you sell him five rabbit pelts. I wish I'd of known before, as I've sold a couple to the first shop.

Two small snippets of info

1. It's possible to pass underneath structures made out of items.

2. It's safe to touch mobs when invisible. However, taking an invisibility potion does not drop combat, if they have already seen you.

More exploration!

I finally got round to copying Sbboard's roof climb, attempting it with a considerably more messy 'ladder'. Which basically involved me hauling a pile of items from the rogue's den.

Eventually I found clubs (and further on, knives aswell) to be much better to use then random junk.

Getting the first club onto the roof was a very exciting moment!

Here I am, the ladder was slightly shorter then what I expected would be necessary. Notice how I cut out some of the bulk underneath. You'll see this principle applied in full later on, when I think of a much better designed 'super ladder'.

I made a noob and sent him off into the canopy (in case I got stuck). He fell through the leaves, onto the ground, so tree's aren't clippable from above. However, he didn't get stuck. That might of changed since apparently the trees shift about when the server restarts.

Worst time to see Lol! (The famous Pker)

Here's me making a W out of gold. According to Simple someone put an idol on top of the rogue's den a few months ago, so I wanted to do something similar. It's made of gold to function as a present to the next person who climbs to the roof.
Voila! I was going to do bridge over the canopy (i.e to extend the 'diving board' which I sent my noob off) and generally climb a bit towards heaven. However, I accidentally slipped off the roof. Perhaps it shall be done another time.

Here is the 'super ladder' I mentioned earlier. Considerably the quickest and most resource-effective ladder design. It's made of clubs, spiked clubs, or knives. I expect whoever gets the gold to be a reader of this blog! Since it should be much faster using this new method. 
I couldn't leave gold up there since it's possible to grab it . It was however, an excellent training place. I could kill the orc above without it being able to strike me back.

Finally I went on to the hut roof. I got stuck in the straw the first time, I had to /makecamp to get out.

However the roof is fully navigable. I just needed to make the ladder a few pixels higher. I left a complimentary pile of gold of course.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

+5 Defense ring

Heres a picture of the +5 defense ring. It uses a large jewel rather then five smaller ones.

Thanks to Ohnorobot


About a week ago I used a pile of items to climb a flower. Thinking 'I wonder if this would work on a tree?'

But I've just saw three adventurers from reddit think of (and complete) a much more ambitious project:

Here's a link to sbboard's reddit post.

Awesome stuff!

Friday, 10 December 2010

How to make a bag

Clippable items!

Something I didn't notice earlier about the potion stash, was the ability to climb it.

I went to the shop and began experimenting with various items.

The shop keeper does pick up and re-arrange items, but it wasn't fast enough to prevent stair-building.

Another interesting aspect I noticed is that the game contains gravity, walking off the top caused me to fall (with a specific speed) to the floor. Likewise, removing items below causes items on top to fall.

I think most of us would agree that this feature is awesome.

Me, duel-wielding shields
Another thing I found out (thanks to Illia) is that shields can be duel-wielded. Having one person 'tank' with two shields is apparently an effective way to kill monsters. According to the story, this was the only way Grendal and Illia (the only players strong enough back then) could kill an orc which was wearing the hat of healing, since it had to be killed in one sitting without retreating and resting (That was before 'bind wounds' came out).

Mob HP

Fishman suggested we make a list of how much HP mobs have, so I've started a table.

Mob name HP
Bee ?
Butterfly ?
Rogue 15
Ratingar ?
Orc 45
Orc Alchemist ?
Ouric ?
Blue bee (rare) ?
Purple rabbit (rare) ?

Wednesday, 8 December 2010


Becoming strong enough to fight orcs happened faster then I expected.

 Into Ouric's lair...
 I like how everyone scuttles about to make sure they don't get blocked and killed. Though it still happens sometimes.

Well, I had to return an axe, iron boots, a large sash and a shield to a dead party member (Badmofo). But I did get to keep the alchemist's belt, which sold for 77g.

Developer of Aberoth

Today I met the creator of the game! Out in the Orc area testing the recently added items.

Apparently he plays Phantom if he needs cheat, and Simple for never cheating, even when losing all his gear and having to do corpse runs (which I assume we've all done a few times).

He doesn't mind being known so you can ask questions if you spot him, or thank him for creating the game, or shout abuse from behind a tree. I suggest one of the first two!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


New quest

I killed my first orc using an Orc-skin potion, at level 9. The reward was learning a skill which increases health recovery rate.

It only seemed to take one orc kill to complete the quest.

The next quest is to go inside the cave and kill Ouric.

More exploration

Today I discovered that some people can solo orcs! Or as you can see in the picture below, at least one person can solo orcs!

 We followed Illia the orc-killer into the cave.

 This is Ouric the orc-boss.

She has a freaking pile of potions in a stash! My god... (We wern't allowed to touch them)

Finally I got the see the orc alchemists, who drop the alchemist belt, and apparently pass potions to wounded orcs to heal them.

I suppose I've seen all the game now. I even got to escape the cave alive.