Monday, 30 April 2012

Akrabu returns... and gives away his account to Hate

Akrabu's goodbye post (Reddit link)

Akrabu was a very powerful and rich playerkiller who during his time killed pretty much everyone in the game at least once, getting to point where most of the community wouldn't leave town (or at least the starting area) while he was online. This was back when players lost every item upon death. In some cases getting killed by Akrabu meant losing weeks or months of work. Later on we started organising into groups to hunt him down, some of which are documented in the blog's history.

Hate on the other hand was someone killed by Akrabu several times, whose typical sentence to Akrabu was an annoyed, vulgar insult. So it isn't obvious why Hate would end up inheriting what I would guess (editing a line from Vanner) is about 80% of the wealth in the entire game.

An explanation can be found in Akrabu's goodbye post, linked at the start of this. Understanding it requires putting the pixellated crazy villain he played to one side and instead viewing him as a person in the real world.

After receiving my complementary seven ring, I "helped" to "get rid" of scrolls, books, 6-slot alchemist belts, pipes, blue shells, straps and pelts:

I convinced him not to drink all the potions, but to drop them outside instead:

In the post below, Akrabu is allied to me. I have the option of picking up all four 6-slot alchemist bags. I would value them at a total of 400 - 500 thousand gold. So this picture is probably the biggest thief opportunity which Aberoth has ever seen.

Many players today are part of the post-Akrabu generation:

Hate transferred half a million from Akrabu, using emeralds. The difference in buy/sell price means this transfer cost about 25,000 gold.

My vault after an afternoon of looting. I plan to glug the potions while training, and to use the rest to build mega-structures.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wolf slaughter

The program "Fraps" makes recording very easy. It automatically records from Aberoth's java window.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Glitch found (April fools joke)

I heard from other players that hitting "new game" while simultaneously pulling out the modem cable will load up a single-player Aberoth alpha (or as one person called it, the "minus world"). It took me about 30 attempts to get there.

There's a lot of random glitched text. Going north at the start or falling into the holes will crash the whole browser. The only place you can go is out of the south exit, which takes you directly to Sholop. There's no walking animation, so your character will appear to glide across the ground.

Sholop looks different. He's completely static and unresponsive. The club can be used to cross over to the right. There's some writing on the wall which is a bit weird.

The final part has a pentagram, I wasn't able to interact with it. I wonder what Simple was thinking when he made this stuff.