Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Darklow and rogues missing heads

The glitch doesn't effect rogues outside of the den.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Ak saga: Break-up and civil war

A conflict erupted between members of The Resistance. Vanner found out about a conspiracy to kill him.

I decided to keep out of it.

Not everybody appreciated the seriousness of this situation:

Crime of the century

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


The Ak saga: Elvis joins the resistance

I brought him along as a joke. But multiple white wolves can actually be very powerful. Something I will test once I have tamed enough.

They do have an annoying habit of trapping me against a wall. This was solved by Vanner nudging me out.

The mistake in this case was not assigning entrance guards to the orc cave. In a well-commanded squadron, two people would of been sent off back to the entrance.

That's the last of my pvp pictures currently. For future viewers: This was back before engraved items had a 3/4 chance of being kept through death, so its a bit more dramatic. Yes, Akrabu had been killed before, and nearly everyone playing had been killed by him at least once. The pictures I posted were a small part of the story.

The Ak saga: Ak infamous

The ledges in the orc cave have since been lowered. However, we had enough people at the time to brute-force a ladder.

Akrabu teleported away. This was back when the master alchemist area was an empty secret room, accessible by teleport-scrolls. So we used ours.

Which turned out to be a mistake, he wasn't in the secret room.

The mistake was using our scrolls before checking the entire ring. This meant we couldn't continue when he got there on his second teleport.

After Akrabu logged, people started killing Lonestar instead, over some kind of personal feud.

He died. I managed to pick up his forest ring. Some people saw me...

Not quite sure who had the rightful claim, I dropped it at Tavelor's lost and found.

Noob day

Note: You now need to be a champion to go unfriendly.