Thursday, 28 June 2012

Polymorph: More Elder Satyr

It's possible to use the AOE deep sleep effect when playing panpipes ("soothing lullaby), but I wasn't able to work out how it's activated. I heard he needed "fresh pipes" but that doesn't seem to be true, 2 or 3 pipes in my vault played a soothing lullaby during the first click. After that I couldn't get any to work.

It's interesting to consider how AOE sleep could be used tactically to ambush a large group of players.

Polymorph: Elder Satyr

This is easily the second most powerful creature to turn into after the minotaur. His skills are:
28 Life
20 Dagger
18 Headbutt
17 drinking
He has a starting attack of 11 and a starting defence of 17. He cannot wear boots, helmets or shields which have a skill requirement.

Something which might not be obvious is that he doesn't attack with his offhand. That's the reason I'm wearing a bee shield in the picture instead of an extra forest dagger.

It is easy to use him to kill the minotaur, but unlike minotaur-vs-minotaur it can still take a few potions even at full health. Another very important fact to be aware of is that the elder's 28 life makes him very susceptible to the plague. I highly recommend taking two invisibility potion and just avoiding the rats.

If you log off inside the labyrinth, use an artificial platform to avoid the rats biting you.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Some extra atari-style games

They are single player and also contain purposefully bad writing, which I think is really funny:

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Some beef

Clarification: These two players are starting a fight with each-other, hence "beef" is a pun.

Friday, 15 June 2012

The dark dagger

The dark dagger can be seen below in Scum's left hand.

It has 14 attack (same as the forest dagger) with an additional 10% attack rate increase when indoors. It is an extremely rare drop from the master thief.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Master thief

The master thief is a mob added to the labyrinth in the most recent update. His behaviour is quite cruel and punishes incautious players, making it one of my favourite mobs.

He doesn't hit as hard as the minotaur. Instead his difficulty lies in high life skill, speed, and his ability to steal items. He wonders the labyrinth, I heard the minotaur also wonders around now, so you could bump into either while lost in there.

1) He seems to steal anything in the inventory except bags. This includes guzzling your health potions.
2) He's naturally very fast, and can probably go even faster if he steals a speed potion.
3) If you're on your own then he's been known to run away into the darkness after stealing your items.
4) He also pickpockets gold.

Vanner (one of the strongest top players) does not suggest trying to solo him. I think that is good advice.

Monday, 11 June 2012

One of my favourite designs


The trees in the forest disappeared for a brief period after the most recent update.

I also realised a reason why clicks were limited to prevent mice macros. People were able to use them to sweep the forest floor.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Minotaur blog

I haven't found out everything about the Minotaur yet, but I can post the pictures I have, and sum up the things I do know.

The polymorph potion has a chance of transforming the drinker into a Minotaur. He is reported to have 40 hp, no drinking skill, and 30 axe skill, enough to kill the master alchemist in 5 seconds. This also implies that the polymorph potion copies the skills of a monster (e.g. I don't think the real Minotaur can drink potions) but not necessarily the hit points.

The Minotaur has a chance of dropping a high-level axe, but it usually spawns with hatchets or battle axes. People generally leave the hatchets in the cave, resulting in these structures:

Here is a story of Hate getting killed:

The picture below also contains a new helmet. The Minotaur can drop horns so I assume it's crafted from two horns + a regular metal helmet. The final new item I've heard about is a +1 attack ring.

Hate died again while me and Vanner ran away:

But after collecting more potions and getting properly prepared, we finally recovered all of his stuff:

There is an interesting progression in how unforgiving monsters are in Aberoth. Rabbits don't fight back, rogues always run slower than the player, orcs can charge and trap against the cave wall, satyrs can sleep and trap against trees, and finally the Minotaur is faster and worst then all of them, plus rats can bite you mid-fight.

I highly suggest going in a group your first time. Remember not to be lazy, be bothered to engrave everything you own and to farm all the correct potions and scrolls before you go (including a cure disease potion). Avoid the temptation to do hit and run tactics when you're low on potions, minotaurs are very different from orcs and satyrs (and it can be overly risky even with satyrs).

Here are some random bullet points of other information:
  • The key to the labyrinth is given by a Wodon quest requiring the player to collect satyr weapons. Estimated completion amounts are 98% per forest dagger, 0.5% per knife and 2% per dagger. Initially many high level players used a forest dagger to collect the key, but I think future players will save money by buying a key. Many high levels have either a spare key (which isn't particularly useful) or enough knives/daggers stockpiled to make one for less money then a forest dagger.
  • The spawn time of the Minotaur is around 35 minutes
  • Soloing at 31 life, 26 shield and 20 axe took 7-8 extra-life potions in addition to an invisibility, stoneskin and rage potion. Vanner suggests to always carry at least 15 extra life.
The cave has rats which have a chance of giving a plague. The chance of catching it is dependent on life skill. Catching it will happen very fast for a low level bitten by a rat. It can also spread to other players.

It sounds funny, I haven't seen it yet, but people say it is deadly. Curing the plague requires a cure disease potion, made from a rat tail + extra life potion at Lysis. Jasimae mentioned catching it while fighting the Minotaur, and that she would of died without having the plague cure ready. That's coming from the current top-scoring player who probably carries several six-slot bags full of extra-life potions. So it definitely sounds worth taking one.

The plague mechanic also has a side-effect of preventing rats being a training ground for low-levels, who otherwise might use two accounts to open the gate, or bug high-level players to open it.

Here are some things I have yet to discover:

  • 6 or 7 new items I haven't seen yet.
  • What the Minotaur looks like breaking through item walls.
  • Whether the Minotaur's charge can be dodged.
  • How the Minotaur picks what target to attack.
  • The plague in general (do people with the plague turn green?).