Map and quest guide

 Below are some quests, separated by the NPC giving them:

Inala (found in town):

1. Speak to Lysis

Lysis' hut is visible on the map. Your reward is the life skill.

2. Kill Ratingar

Ratingar can be found inside the rogue's den, in the northern most room (not through the locked door). You will typically need to train life skill and buy items before you can kill him. Your reward is a small sash.

3. Kill 10 wolves

These can be found in the forest east of town, they patrol around the whole forest. Take care to avoid the Satyrs, which stay in the locations marked on the map. You may also want to avoid the white wolf, which is stronger than normal and usually has a whole pack following it.

Unlike theives, wolves can outrun you. Try trapping them against a tree if you need to flee. Your reward is a wolf pelt.

4. Kill an orc

These are found in the rocky field west of town. Start with pulling a single one, preferably one not carrying a weapon. If you have trained the drinking skill (I recommend doing so if you have the money) then an orcskin potion for about 100g and/or healing potions for 30g each might be worth using. Your reward is the bind wounds skill.

5. Kill Ourik

Ouric can be found inside the orc-cave. He is a big step up in training and equipment needed. He runs back inside when pulled out of his room, so most players do this to kill his guards one-by-one before facing him. Your reward is a 2-defense ring.

6. Defeat Shaman and his deciples:

The Shaman is also found in the orc cave and is the hardest of two bosses found in there (Ourik and Master Alchemist). He does not reset when pulled out of his room, so be careful, you may want to pull him to the cave entrance.

Sometimes he teleports away and comes looking for you again. If he teleports and doesn't come back, he may have ended up in Ourik's room trapped behind a door. Your reward for killing him is a leather strap.

Sholop (found in town):

1. Kill the white wolf and his pack

The white wolf wonders the forest east of town. When low on health, he will flee to the nearest cave (in the north) and disapear – unless you manage to hit him twice while he is fleeing. He runs faster then you do so this isn't easy without good techique.

I suggest training drinking enough to be able to drink speed potions and bring two. One for pulling to him to the south-west of the forest without getting hit, and the other for catching him.

First drag to the south west corner, near the entrance to the rabbit field. Position yourself so that the wolf is attacking the southwest corner of your character, then start attacking him.

If done correct he will always run southwest for a few yards before fleeing north, so you can run north and intercept him. Same thing happens again and you intercept him again, do it correctly and you can kill him without a speed potion.

If he does escape, then you still have a chance of catching up by drinking a speed potion and hoping he gets stuck in some trees. To be extra safe I suggest drinking the speed potion even before you attempt the intercept.

Your reward is the shield skill.

Darklowe (found inside the orc cave):
  1. Fetch a fresh beer
  2. Fetch a fresh stout
  3. Fetch a fresh Absinthe
The first two require beer freshly poured from the tap. Which means buying the available beers and picking up a new one dropped by Tavelor. I'm fairly sure you don't need a speed potion for the delivery, just don't delay.

The Absinthe has to be dropped by satyr or satry elder, which is a fairly rare drop.

The reward for these are gold and potions.

4. Kill the master theif

The master theif wonders the labyrinth. You need at minimum a key to enter and a cure disease potion in case a rat in there gives you plague. I suggest bringing a stoneskin and invisibility potion, and several bags of normal health potions. If you bring extra-life potions then he will steal them and drink them – recovering his health too quickly.

I suggest trapping him in a dead-end so that he can't escape. Don't bring a teleport scroll because he can steal and use it.

Wodon (found in his hut):

1. Collect 50 knives
2. Collect 20 daggers
3. Kill 20 satyrs
4. Kill 15 elder satyrs
5. Collect satyr weapons


1. Send the game developer a postcard.

This is kind of fun, especially if you've met him in-game, which most players do eventually. The reward is a pile of gold and xp (can't remember how much) and a vanity amulet.