Thursday, 9 October 2014

Dangerous dudes in town

One guy is so dangerous that he will ddos reddit to get your ip, and use that to link your identity with previously-unpopular players:

Another player I had never met was convinced that I was making public threats to kill him:

But at least you can always count on hearing the latest development rumours:

Garp gets killed

Alt party

Shaunxd and his friend Jogass had a massive "alt party", which caused all the vaults to slow down to a crawl. He must have used bots and multiple VPNs.

It is a crazy vault even without the alts:


Pencilpete is known by several people for following them (armed with a knife and leather boots) to bosses like Forstyll and Grand Shaman, which kill him in one hit. He requested a polymorph potion in jail, probably because there is a tiny chance of turning into a bee and escaping through the bars:

We can even shoot fireballs and summon creatures through them: