Saturday, 3 December 2011

Shaman info

Here's an updated picture of his room. The Shaman and his disciples will chase a player all across the orc cave, they don't reset like in Ourik's room. He's also able to use his Teleport and AOE (Area of effect) healing scrolls.

Here's a picture of the teleport scroll.

I tested both scrolls, I hear they're fairly common drops. The scrolls are consumed on use. The AOE healing scroll healed about as much as a potion of life. I'm unsure what it's range is. "Vita Ventus" means "Life of Wind" in Latin

The teleport scroll took me instantly to the following area. I haven't checked if it works in every area. If it does, then I expect it to be a very important item for expensively-geared players.


  1. How do you take a pic of the entire map?

  2. I used semi-transparent layers in to join them together.

  3. Hey, before Grand Shaman was added, how did you get Magic Skill?