Sunday, 1 April 2012

Glitch found (April fools joke)

I heard from other players that hitting "new game" while simultaneously pulling out the modem cable will load up a single-player Aberoth alpha (or as one person called it, the "minus world"). It took me about 30 attempts to get there.

There's a lot of random glitched text. Going north at the start or falling into the holes will crash the whole browser. The only place you can go is out of the south exit, which takes you directly to Sholop. There's no walking animation, so your character will appear to glide across the ground.

Sholop looks different. He's completely static and unresponsive. The club can be used to cross over to the right. There's some writing on the wall which is a bit weird.

The final part has a pentagram, I wasn't able to interact with it. I wonder what Simple was thinking when he made this stuff.


  1. I ashamed by how far I had to scroll before I got it lol

  2. Is this an April fools Joke?