Thursday, 28 June 2012

Polymorph: Elder Satyr

This is easily the second most powerful creature to turn into after the minotaur. His skills are:
28 Life
20 Dagger
18 Headbutt
17 drinking
He has a starting attack of 11 and a starting defence of 17. He cannot wear boots, helmets or shields which have a skill requirement.

Something which might not be obvious is that he doesn't attack with his offhand. That's the reason I'm wearing a bee shield in the picture instead of an extra forest dagger.

It is easy to use him to kill the minotaur, but unlike minotaur-vs-minotaur it can still take a few potions even at full health. Another very important fact to be aware of is that the elder's 28 life makes him very susceptible to the plague. I highly recommend taking two invisibility potion and just avoiding the rats.

If you log off inside the labyrinth, use an artificial platform to avoid the rats biting you.

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