Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Saved by Shaunxd


I didn't understand what the fight was about, but they ended up turning friendly again. Swordsman disappeared into the desert, probably a good place to hide if you're infamous.


  1. Hey. So doorman came up to me when I was outside of town and said that wiz was in trouble and that i need to come and help him even tho i had a mino axe which wouldn't do much against. Then I started following doorman through the forest and I saw WW and when he tried to run I drank a speed but he still got away so i was mad. Then i see MT as i am heading to the desert and i get to about half life cuz he pinned me for a little then i ran. Then i see that wiz is ok so i am about to leave when kelly comes and poisons me which freaks me out cuz im already at half life so i start to attack her.

    1. Lol thanks for coming. Yeah sounds like Kelly shouldn't have hit you first. At least everyone survived in the end.