Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Interview with Yunlong

Yunlong is an old player and is interesting to talk to, since he reads books and has a good taste in games. But age has not prevented his poverty. Probably because he is always in a war, which seem to come from disagreements about right and wrong. For example, is scamming a "troll" a crime? Questions like this makes him a "love or hate" kind of guy.


How did you end up being hunted by the Empire?

It's a long story. You have to be in my position to know the reasons for my actions. It started when I made a new alt for getting some quick cash. I saw a person called "Four" while looking for rogues to slaughter. I was killed by a rogue in Four's zone. I believe he had seen me die. Then I came back with my main, and saw Four slaughtering thieves, so I trapped and killed him. I got most of my stuff back. After, I saw him in town, I gave him the stuff engraved to him, and kept mine. Later, I found out this was an alt, an alt by the name of Junglist.

Junglist is famous for that, he's written about hunting down people who grief his alts

He left to be with Calenture, Tmalla, and Greenmile. They all have plans to kill me, they might just get me one day.

I don't think they're all in the Empire

No. I don't mean the whole Empire by the way. I mean, Vader, Majora, and Jung. They all want to kill me. But Jung has too much on his plate already.

How long have you played

Since late March 2013.

Where are your scrolls? Or potions? It's very empty in here.

That is due to one person my friend. I might be in the top 10 right now if he had not ruined my luck again and again. He is the almighty PvP master: Cheesiy. Me and him had many wars.

What is your game suggestion?

I'd like another orc cave. Maybe two more!

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  1. Junglist Killed Me Once Because Of One Of His Alt's.