Sunday, 19 July 2015

Vampire bat, bane of the noobs

The bat cave near the orcs can be a decent area to fight, since it is less crowded than the Rogue's den. I started finding random piles of gold on the floor.

I discovered why. It was a new moon, so the usual black bats had transformed into Vampire Bats, killing multiple noobs in 1-3 hits.

Vampire bats fly anywhere, they have even been found outside the cave. Getting around them requires luck, and use of alternative paths. Me and Baradur made a mad dash for the final gold pile, which allowed us to retire as rich men.

We also met Svalbard, who was completely lost and no idea what to do. He apparently offended Inala, the first quest giver. We told him he could go back and apologize to get the quest.

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