Thursday, 27 August 2015

Some high level drama

If I followed the story correctly, Kristiaan account-shared with Wolfcon (and several other people), and Wolfcon decided to empty him out, after being afk-killed in the bank or something like that. Millions worth of gold were said to be lost. Wolfcon was then banned. Wolfcon agreed to return what he had, so Simple unbanned him. There was some debate concerning the many characters who looted stuff via Wolfcon, especially since Kristiaan has fought so many people ("I was just taking back what was stolen in the first place...").

There are various side-characters involved and some people were accused of ddosing eachother, which is against the rules and literally illegal, but difficult to prove. The best protection against that is probably to avoid Skype and other things where players can get your ip.

Some other players involved in the Kristiaan vs Random People conflict were accused of lending items to people on one side, funding wars covertly, and therefore getting jumped by the enemies of the guys they were to said to have funded.

But now Kristiaan is now back in the game, with a terror shield. Best of all, he has allowed me to post pictures of his trophy room.

This is literally a trophy room, every object is engraved to a player. This must be the most terrifying room in Aberoth. He gave me vault-trust and allowed me to rummage through (Silverb is his alt).

When the occasional player has the right traits to excel at PvP, he can end up with mad rewards. It makes me wonder if the shift against PvP in various MMOs is partly caused by envy from the peaceful players, who end up unwilling to defend the system that lets the warrior/pirate players - as opposed to the aristocratic ones - get really rich.

I also asked Wolfcon to send me a picture of the ban screen:

MMO bans can be exciting in an Al-Capone way, as they can involve complicated bug exploits, or long-scams to destroy months of work. If you ever get involved in that sort of stuff, consider ethics and stuff, but at least remember to take some screenshots and send them to me.

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