Saturday, 28 January 2012

New item

Vanner noticed that Lysis attempts to pickup a dropped white (wolf) pelt. I told him I hadn't heard of that happening, that it was probably the new item, so we went to see what it was.

Yes, she turned a white pelt worth 15k into a rage potion. I don't suggest doing this.

Vanner's suggestion was very tempting. 

The actual new item turned out to drop from the orc Master Alchemist. He's about Ourik's difficulty level, and can use any potion, including rage. His respawn time is estimated at 25 minutes.

The ledge on the right has a hidden platform on it's back, making it climbable without a ladder.

The item is a stoneskin potion. 
(Image from reddit)
I was told it gives 20 defense, and lasts 1m 5s with a drinking skill of 13. It also causes the drinker to walk slower, and turns his skin grey. That's without "gulping", but I'm unsure if or how that effects potions.

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