Monday, 23 January 2012

Wolf taming

I tamed a white wolf, which is done by feeding one a pink rabbit.

The first thing the White Wolf did upon being tamed was kill his pack mates, which is entertaining to watch. But it means the whole pack can't be tamed with one pink rabbit. The group of wolves I posted about before must of cost a pink rabbit each.

It kept the name "White Wolf" until I named it. It will kill wild rabbits without provocation. But it won't kill pets, so they can be stored in a vault together with tamed rabbits. 

Considering the very high price of White Wolf pelts, it's probably dangerous to take them out for walks. At least during peak times.

On my second attempt I accidentally let an ordinary wolf eat the pink rabbit, who was ripped apart by the others before I could rescue him.

Multiple white wolves can follow me at once. I'm unsure what the limit is, or if there is one. They can be hard to keep track of, so having multiple White Wolves out would create a higher risk of one being stuck behind and poached.

I also tried sleeping a whole pack before dropping the rabbit. But he attacked me upon waking instead of the pink rabbit. I suggest just killing the Gray ones instead of sleeping them.