Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Ak saga: Ak infamous

The ledges in the orc cave have since been lowered. However, we had enough people at the time to brute-force a ladder.

Akrabu teleported away. This was back when the master alchemist area was an empty secret room, accessible by teleport-scrolls. So we used ours.

Which turned out to be a mistake, he wasn't in the secret room.

The mistake was using our scrolls before checking the entire ring. This meant we couldn't continue when he got there on his second teleport.

After Akrabu logged, people started killing Lonestar instead, over some kind of personal feud.

He died. I managed to pick up his forest ring. Some people saw me...

Not quite sure who had the rightful claim, I dropped it at Tavelor's lost and found.

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