Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Dueling was recently added to the game and is surprisingly fun for such a simple feature.

A basic strategy is to keep running at eachother, which prevents someone moving in and out to avoid attacks. It results in something akin to jousting.

I still need to see what a duel looks like with a left-hander, in which it would be in the interest of both players to constantly move sidewards.

Since a duel ends when a player reaches 1hp, any random spectator could possibly turn unfriendly when the duel has finished and attempt to kill him. This means it's a good idea to run and forfeit the duel before getting too damaged. It also leads to an interesting extra factor in a duel: how daring the players are, or whether the prestige of winning a duel is worth the risk that comes from running away too late.

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