Friday, 29 January 2016

Skaldor pro tips

The pro players have developed decent team tactics for Skaldor. The idea is that everyone who is not being hit always stands completely still. When the person tanking gets too low, he moves behind another player and waits about 10 seconds (so that the boss switches targets) before moving back into the fray. Of course, this requires a team that will not panic or run away during the tank switch.

They have also found that the mysterious empty room in the tomb is the skeleton spawn point. Apparently if you kill all the skeletons, one spawns here every two minutes. So arguable the best training method for pro players is a team of two in the triangle room. It certainly seems better than combing the desert.

Finally, they have started waiting 45 seconds after drinking an invisibility potion, before pulling. This ensures it wears off early in the fight, preventing accidental friendly fire, and allowing healing winds to work. However, healing wind does work if both caster and target is invisible, so conceal scrolls are also fine.


  1. this is nuet from aberoth life skill 17 i like all of your blogs and videos

  2. if you see me on aberoth my name is nuet i realy neeed a spiked shield thanks