Friday, 29 January 2016

Wizard the...

Game developer

I wish I could build games, but I have never learned to code. I used to say that it didn't matter, since I eventually found an MMO which was built with the perfect design.

Though, now I want to see a game based off pre-hardware-accelerated graphcs, where 90% of your attacks hit empty air, because the animations are so long and strange. 1992 MS-DOS is not getting the appreciation it deserves.

The first player

I remember the ancient times when trees sparkled like emeralds and the sun blazed unendingly. But I joined after the orc cave was added. There was an era before that when it was just the rogue's den, and before that, bees and rabbits.

The oldest player which can be still be seen, to my knowledge, is "Plng". We worked out once that he must have joined a couple of days before me.


I've had people tell me they have read far backwards through the game history because of this blog. It's great that I've built some content useful to them.


I wouldn't lend a horn to anyone, let alone mysterious level ones in the Tavern. Typically these guys will call me "friend", and have me follow them to a shady place away from everyone else before asking for a really expensive item. It's ridiculous.


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