Saturday, 27 October 2012

About a 1,000,000 worth of items up for grabs

According to town gossip, Vanner has quit and left his items in "lost and found" for other people to pick up when the timer runs out. He is said to have dropped the stuff in the morning of October the 26th 2012. Items in lost and found are kept for one month or three months game-time. Assuming a month is 30 days, that is 72 real hours for one game month and 216 real hours for three game months, or exactly 3 and 9 real days.

The timer on the post above means he dropped it before 7.40 am pacific time, with some error depending on how it rounds to the nearest hour. He might have dropped it earlier, I will be asking around. But since some of the cheaper stuff will be released monday, it will provide a correct time for when the really expensive stuff is released the following saturday.

There is a 3-second logout in the tavern so it is safe for anyone trying to grab these. Some players could theoretically block off the tavern with players andor an artificial barrier, but a polymorphed minotaur could also bust through. However, with the current community I predict the item-grab to be civilized... at least among the game's high-levels.

Vanner quitting has led to the return of two people who he used to kill:

His power unchecked, Hate has once again declared himself King.

Update: Confirmed to be between 6 and 6:50 am pacific time
Update II: It is next sunday, not monday.

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