Saturday, 6 October 2012

New area pictures

Trying to work out what he meant, I found a passage of several doors in the orc cave, followed by a descent:

The feature which seemed to most impress people was the smooth lightning from the torches. Perhaps because it contrasts so strongly with pixelated graphics.

Unfortunately the final door closed as I was peaking through. All I could do was listen to the screams of Nightman, Vanner, and Jasimae:

Just joking, they survived:

The Grand Shaman has a spawn timer of about 25 minutes and is normally surrounded by Shamans. None of the new items dropped in the first two kills, but a few people stayed to farm him so I suspect at least one has been discovered by now.

I gather that the keys to the doors are dropped by shamans and disciples. There are many additional disciples in the lower level. There could be an emerging market for keys, but high-levels could also keep control of the circle to avoid having to unlock the doors.

The area would be a very high risk if sketchy players are online. The lower floor has just a single exit, with doorways narrow enough for one player to block. 

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