Sunday, 14 October 2012

Minotaur tips

It is fun to drink a polymorph and temporary become the most powerful creature in the game. I found two tricks to make playing a minotaur easier;

1. His major weakness is health recovery. But he can wear two healing gloves. Combining with the rest bonus from standing still will allow him to heal from 0 to full health in about 10 minutes, rather than 30 minutes. He also has a chance of consuming a normal healing potion.

2. He has hard hitting attacks but a slow attack rate. Axes about every 5 seconds and headbutts about every 10. This means hit-and-run tactics work well - running away from monsters, charging in to attack, then running away again.

I killed the Grand Shaman with help from another player. I think it is possible to solo the room as a minotaur with the right technique and items, I will post a guide if I manage it.

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