Monday, 6 December 2010

Invisibility potion

I set out with an invisibility pot and two hatchets, hoping to sneak past the orcs and see what was past them.

It was very exciting to see the 80g spent pay off. I entered the cave being guarded.

By turning left I came here...

A very interesting place. He sells several things which are not available in the normal store.

Iron boots 60g
A shield of the bee 170g (though I've seen one in the normal store before)
Iron helmet 115
Fine axe 280

So if you have money to spend, but still can't kill orcs, it might be worth taking an invisibility-potion-fueled shopping trip.

I noticed that I could attack without the invisibility breaking. I didn't try hitting a mob, though.

Theres quite a decent amount of time before it runs out, about a minute or two. But you would certainly want to bring two for the trip and the return (or gold to buy a new one from Darklow). My potion ran out in the cave. Escaping was a hopeless idea.


  1. Hey Wizard. This is the list of items and what they sell for in the shop:

    3 - Club
    7 - Leather Shoe
    10 - Knife
    15 - Leather Boot
    25 - Hatchet
    30 - Leather Cap
    30 - Potion of Life (Lysis)
    45 - Spiked Club
    50 - Potion of Speed
    80 - Potion of Invisibility
    100 - Iron Helmet
    100 - Wooden Shield
    100 - Orc Skin Potion (Lysis)
    150 - Sash
    150 - Shield of the Bee
    150 - Short Sword
    225 - Large Sash
    250 - Axe

    The Shield of the Bee originally comes as a rare drop from a rare creature, the blue bee, that appears in the middle of the main meadow. There's also a purple rabbit that appears very rarely. I don't know what he drops.

  2. Another note is that the values next to each item is what they cost to buy. If you sell the items, you will only receive about half the price.

  3. As far as I know, shops do not create items. They are put there by players. The shield of bee and such in darklow's shop were put there by me.

    About merchants...

    Sholop deals in weapons and armor.
    Lysis deals in potions and rings.
    Darklow deals in everything, but he buys lower and sells higher than the other merchants. There is no fine axe. Darklow is just a douche.