Friday, 10 December 2010

Mob HP

Fishman suggested we make a list of how much HP mobs have, so I've started a table.

Mob name HP
Bee ?
Butterfly ?
Rogue 15
Ratingar ?
Orc 45
Orc Alchemist ?
Ouric ?
Blue bee (rare) ?
Purple rabbit (rare) ?


  1. When are you gonna update your page with the Satyrs HP. There are two kinds of Satyrs. The regular and the Satyr Elder. These characters were updated on 7/1, so it might be new to you.

    Anyway, these characters are the strongest in the game. Occasionally, the will either weild one or both of the new weapons added on Aberoth. The Forest Dagger is a unique weapon. It does 12 damage in the Forest, but only 9 anywhere else. The only known character that has this weapon is Senorzorro.

    The other one, also owned by Senorzorro, is a Forest Ring. I am not sure how much additional defense it gives you, but you can ask Senorzorro. He will tell you everything about it.

    If you want to try to fight them, be my guest. The reccomended Life Skill for fighting them is Lvl. 22 and up. I have seen many cocky Lvl 15 people who think they can own the satyrs. The outcome, the loose there stuff.

    My account name is "Joseph". If you have any questions, I will be on Aberoth daily, killing mobs, and helping noobs.