Friday, 10 December 2010

Clippable items!

Something I didn't notice earlier about the potion stash, was the ability to climb it.

I went to the shop and began experimenting with various items.

The shop keeper does pick up and re-arrange items, but it wasn't fast enough to prevent stair-building.

Another interesting aspect I noticed is that the game contains gravity, walking off the top caused me to fall (with a specific speed) to the floor. Likewise, removing items below causes items on top to fall.

I think most of us would agree that this feature is awesome.

Me, duel-wielding shields
Another thing I found out (thanks to Illia) is that shields can be duel-wielded. Having one person 'tank' with two shields is apparently an effective way to kill monsters. According to the story, this was the only way Grendal and Illia (the only players strong enough back then) could kill an orc which was wearing the hat of healing, since it had to be killed in one sitting without retreating and resting (That was before 'bind wounds' came out).

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