Monday, 6 December 2010

Reddit quotes from the creator

  • "Iam creating a MMORPG (which is what their game is, despite all of their protests), and it was very tempting to create randomized dungeons. I struggled for a while with the decision of whether to create random dungeons or not. The allure is that you can provide endless variety cheaply. Eventually I decided that I was going to hand create everything, despite the effort involved. For me, it is an issue of believability, stability, creativity, and originality in the world. I want my world to be large, which is hard to do without random areas, so I am focusing my efforts on making tools to hand create areas quickly."
  • "My philosophy is to be tough but completely fair. Get a little too aggressive and cocky fighting that difficult monster and die? Fine, all your stuff will be there waiting for you, but that monster will be using it! No artificial difficulty scaling of enemies up or down, so get a buddy and go get your stuff back no problem"
  • just had to post here since I am creating a (adless and free) full loot, classless, pvp MMO with skill based advancement and fully lootable corpse when you die.
  • "Thanks! I have been working on it for a few years, but only made the game public at the beginning of this year. I am still adding new stuff all the time and am going to add a fairly big expansion soon."
  • "I think people can look past simple graphics as long as the game itself is fun. Simple graphics can certainly make it harder to initially hook someone. I am writing a MMORPG with retro Kings Quest 1 / Pitfall type graphics. My hope is that this style will allow me to create a world deeper and more complex than would be possible with fancier graphics and voice acting.


  1. Best.Game.Ever.

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