Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Item guide

Note: This is out of date now there's a new version linked at the top of the blog.

Thanks to Ultim I've started making a table of item stats.


NameCostAttack power Source
Fist Default 1Starting Weapon
Club 3 2Free from first quest-giver
Knife 10 3Rogues
Hatchet 25 4Rogues and Ratingar
Spiked club 45 5Orcs
Short sword 150 6Ratingar (Semirare)
Axe2508Orcs (Semirare)
Long Sword*?10Ratingar (rare)
Large axe?12Ouric (rare)

*Has an extra pixel of range then large axe.


Name Cost Defense
Leather shoe 7 ?
Leather boot 15 ?
Leather cap 30 ?
Iron Helmet 100 ?
Iron boots 60 ?
Wooden shield 100 ?
Sash 150 ?
Large sash 225 ?
Shield of the bee 150 ?


Name Cost Effect
Potion of life 30 Heals (?) health bars
Orc skin potion 100 Substantially increases defense
Invisibility potion 80 lets you skip past mobs (see earlier post)
Potion of speed 50 still untested

The shield of the bee apparently comes from the rare blue bee, I will post about him and the also rare purple rabbit next time I see them.

There is also someone (Smokeweed I think) who is running around with a +1 defense ring. Which he said dropped from an orc.


  1. On a side note...

    Your base attack is 1. wearing a club brings it to 2. So do you count a club as being a 1 damage weapon, or a 2 damage weapon?

  2. Spiked club is 5 damage. orcs
    Short sword is 6 damage. semirare, ratingar
    Axe is 8 damage drops. semirare, orcs
    There is no such thing as a fine axe, sadly
    Long sword is 10 damage. rare, ratingar
    Large axe is 12 damage. rare, Ouric

    I'd like to point out that the long sword has a 1 pixel longer reach than the large axe, which makes it easier to kite enemies.

    Leather shoes give 1 defense each
    Leather boots give 2 defense each
    Iron boots give 3 defense each. Ouric, semirare
    Leather cap gives 4 defense.
    Iron helmet gives 6 defense. Ratingar, semirare
    Hat of healing gives 1 defense and a magical life regen. Pink rabbit, rare
    Wooden shield gives 6 defense (I think) and 1 attack (2 damage by weapon standards)
    Shield of bee gives 8 defense, 2 attack, and 4 life. blue bee, semirare
    Spiked shield gives 10 defense, 3 attack, and deals 0-2 damage to attackers. Ouric, very rare
    Sash gives 2 defense and 1 additional inventory slot. Quest reward for defeating ratingar
    Large sash gives 3 defense and 2 additional inventory slots. Semirare, orcs
    Alchemist's belt gives 3 defense and 3, 4, or 6 slots for potions, but no additional invetnory slots. Potions can be used by pressing 1-9. See updates for details.
    Rings of defense give defense. 1, 2, and 3 defense confirmed. Inala gives you a 2 defense ring for defeating Ouric. The chest behind Ouric drops rings semirarely. The higher the defense, the harder it is to come by.

  3. Anonymous good point about the club aswell, I added fists to prevent that confusion.

  4. I got a +5 defense ring yesterday, from Ouric's chest. I guess since Illia hadn't heard of it, it must be the first of its kind. (How lucky for me!)

    Instead of the design of 1, 2, or 3 small gems inlaid into the ring, the +5 ring has a single, larger gem set ONto the ring.

    ^The new ring with a +2 for comparison.

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