Sunday, 19 December 2010

To boldly go...

A server restart caused the gold to disappear! It turns out that only items are saved. So I started climbing again.
This is the place I tried building a huge stairway. But I decided to move it, as it was too easily picked apart by rogues. The 'super ladder' design is broken fairly easily.
So I went back to the original place.

(This next part is sufficiently awesome to warrant multiple screenshots.)

It turns out there's a sort of 'ledge' in the void. If you go too far in, you fall through the world and have to respawn.Though thankfully you no longer lose gold or items from doing that.

I did get stuck a few times. It seems possible, though, to run a short distance across the canopy before falling in.

Me (and whoever the newbie is) were able to get behind the invisible wall on the roof, by following the 'ledge' in the void.

Ha! Consider this the new gift for explorers. Maybe someone will replace it with their own name. The stairway-to-heaven is still there, so you'd only need to reach the roof. Unless a new update changes stuff. Or if someone destroys it, In which case a long line of items will lie through the forest. 

Finally, it turns out to be quite possible to walk across people's head. And even 'shuffle along' like some kind of pixel-style piggyback ride. I can imagine crossing a chasm or fording a river with things like this, the possibilities are very fun to think about.


  1. I couldn't find the ledge :(

  2. Yeah theres just the Wiz sign left now.