Sunday, 19 December 2010

More exploration!

I finally got round to copying Sbboard's roof climb, attempting it with a considerably more messy 'ladder'. Which basically involved me hauling a pile of items from the rogue's den.

Eventually I found clubs (and further on, knives aswell) to be much better to use then random junk.

Getting the first club onto the roof was a very exciting moment!

Here I am, the ladder was slightly shorter then what I expected would be necessary. Notice how I cut out some of the bulk underneath. You'll see this principle applied in full later on, when I think of a much better designed 'super ladder'.

I made a noob and sent him off into the canopy (in case I got stuck). He fell through the leaves, onto the ground, so tree's aren't clippable from above. However, he didn't get stuck. That might of changed since apparently the trees shift about when the server restarts.

Worst time to see Lol! (The famous Pker)

Here's me making a W out of gold. According to Simple someone put an idol on top of the rogue's den a few months ago, so I wanted to do something similar. It's made of gold to function as a present to the next person who climbs to the roof.
Voila! I was going to do bridge over the canopy (i.e to extend the 'diving board' which I sent my noob off) and generally climb a bit towards heaven. However, I accidentally slipped off the roof. Perhaps it shall be done another time.

Here is the 'super ladder' I mentioned earlier. Considerably the quickest and most resource-effective ladder design. It's made of clubs, spiked clubs, or knives. I expect whoever gets the gold to be a reader of this blog! Since it should be much faster using this new method. 
I couldn't leave gold up there since it's possible to grab it . It was however, an excellent training place. I could kill the orc above without it being able to strike me back.

Finally I went on to the hut roof. I got stuck in the straw the first time, I had to /makecamp to get out.

However the roof is fully navigable. I just needed to make the ladder a few pixels higher. I left a complimentary pile of gold of course.

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